Gel vs. Capsules: Which Is a Better Way to Consume Sea Moss?

Sea Moss is one of the latest superfoods to hit the market. Consumed by humans for thousands of years, it has fed people in the Caribbean, Ireland, Europe, and the Eastern Coast of the United States. It contains a multitude of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants. Because of that, it is considered one of the most complete superfoods in the world.

Health Benefits of Sea Moss

Aside from the vitamins and minerals it produces, there are other health benefits provided by Sea Moss. It supports thyroid function because it contains ample amounts of Iodine called DI-Iodothyronine that fights against many disorders and aids in hormone production.

Sea Moss is also known to help dissolve mucus in the respiratory pathways. It helps people recover from the colds and flu, which are characterized by mucus buildup. Since it dissolves mucus, it alleviates the airways and promotes better breathing. 

How is it Consumed?

The most common way to consume Sea Moss is by blending Sea Moss Gel into smoothies or ingesting powdered Sea Moss in capsules. Also some of the newer methods is sea moss gummies and tinctures. But which among these ways works better than the other?

Sea Moss Gel

Before turning the superfood into a gel, it goes through a process of soaking in water. During this process, it absorbs the water and swells up to three times its size. After expanding, it is then cleaned and washed multiple times to remove impurities. Since it comes from the ocean, washing it can remove impurities. Afterwards, it is then blended with water until it turns smooth and creamy. Finally, it is refrigerated and later turned into a gel.

Sea Moss Capsule

On the other hand, Sea Moss capsules go through a much simpler process of dehydrating the plant, grinding it into a fine powder, and encapsulating this powder. The process is definitely faster than creating gel.

Sea Moss Gummies

Sea Moss Gummies are a tasty super fast way to consume sea moss. Studies show essential minerals and vitamins are absorbed in the body faster than traditional methods. Gummies can be infused with other herbs creating a powerhouse. 

Sea Moss Tinctures 

This is the newest method similar to CBD. Sea Moss is cold pressed into a liquid form. There are not many studies on how quickly absorbed, but judging by other types of supplement tinctures you can expect it to be absorbed quickly

Gel vs. Capsules

Before we can conclude which form of Sea Moss our body absorbs better, we should take a look at how our body metabolizes medication. According to the Orlando Clinical Research Center, it takes at least 30 minutes for our body to metabolize medicines in capsules. However, if it’s in a specialized casing, it may take longer than that.

Meanwhile, if the Sea Moss was ingested by blending the gel with water, it might take a full digestive cycle before the body can absorb all the benefits. Capsules take a shorter time to be absorbed since the nutrients go directly into the bloodstream.


If you prefer a quick and easy way to ingest Sea Moss without the earthy taste, go for capsules. However, if you prefer tasting it and enjoying it in your food, go for the gel variant. If you want quick absorption go for our Immune Support elderberry sea moss gummies or tinctures. Whatever your choice may be, you’ll still get the same benefits and effectiveness. One just delivers the nutrients more efficiently or faster. 

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