The Amazing Benefits of Consuming Wildcrafted Sea Moss

Many food alternatives and health supplements nowadays claim to provide a complete set of nutrients to your body. These so-called "wonder foods" have been the topic of debate amongst many dietitians and nutritionists, mostly ending up with inconclusive findings and observations. But out of all of these food alternatives and add-ons, one such example has been receiving many praises due to its countless benefits: sea moss,  a type of algae that is native to the shores of the Caribbean Islands and the coast of North America and Europe.

Also known as Irish moss or sea moss, this species of algae boasts a lot of health benefits. Due to its ability to turn into jelly when boiled, many types of food and snacks could be formed with it, making it a staple amongst many health-conscious patrons.

What Are the Health Benefits of Consuming Sea Moss?

There is a lot to mention; however, the following are the most vital ones, backed by many testimonials from people who have tried it before.

It Helps with Your Digestion and Stomach Health

Sea moss contains a couple of prebiotics. Basically, they are a form of plant fiber that acts as the primary food for your inner bacteria. Don't be alarmed by the phrase "inner bacteria"—these are only referring to the good variants that make up your stomach environment. They help with the overall health of your guts, improving digestion as well. Without prebiotics, they would not survive, resulting in the degradation of your stomach health.

It Helps with Your Muscle Build-Up and Maintenance

Sea moss also contains protein, a nutrient that helps with your muscle build-up. Of course, consuming sea moss alone is not sufficient to grow your muscles; you also need to work out regularly to be as fit as a bodybuilder. It is good to mention that aside from protein, sea moss also contains taurine, a form of amino acid that aids in burning your body fats. Blend the sea moss in the form of a smoothie, hit the gym, carry the weights, and observe the results in a month or two.

It Helps with Your Diet Routine

Sea Moss has high carrageenan content that can be found within the algae itself. Carrageenan is a substance that gives off the feeling of fullness once consumed. This is vital, especially for those who are sticking to their strict weight-loss routine.

It Helps Rejuvenate Your Skin Health

Sea moss contains iodine, an essential nutrient that helps in the prevention of goiter. Aside from that, it also benefits your skin, preventing it from going dry by regulating your skin moisture levels. Whenever you have a cut or bruise, sea moss and its iodine content may help with its healing and rejuvenation.


There’s no doubt that this algae variant has many health benefits that warrant the supplement a spot in your kitchen cabinet. Aside from being eaten in its dry sea moss form, it can also be turned into jellies and smoothies, making it more enjoyable to consume. Its countless health benefits are amazing, garnering a lot of positive feedback and support from health enthusiasts worldwide. Try it and see the difference in no time.

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