Sea Moss: All You Need to Know About Consumption and Shelf Life

Sea moss is a natural resource that humans have been ingesting for thousands of years. Sea moss products are made from algae, and it is incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals essential for overall health. It can boost your energy and metabolism, strengthen your immune system, keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Sea moss is one of the most sought-after ingredients in the health and wellness industry. As long as you follow all intake instructions from your brand of choice, you can reap all the health benefits it contains.

Shelf life of sea moss

Sea moss is harvested from the Caribbean, Europe, and North America. The highest quality sea moss comes from the Caribbean, which is then prepared and packed for shipping and consumption.

Sea moss gel is the most common form available in the market today. Every batch of sea moss gel is created with dried sea moss, and they can generally last 3 to 4 weeks if refrigerated. The actual shelf life of the gel can vary due to the manufacturing and shipping process and how you handle the gel once you open the container.

For Plant Based Jeff products, the gel is made within three days of the shipping date. If it takes three days for the package to arrive at your door, the gel is already six days old. Theoretically, it will expire in the next 17 to 24 days. Keep an eye on signs of spoilage, and immediately dispose of the gel if you spot green or black mold growing in the bottle.

Like all food and food supplements, sea moss has a specific shelf life, depending on the form it takes. The most trustworthy sea moss manufacturers and distributors put expiration dates on all their products. Make sure to follow these dates and all intake instructions.

If you handle it well upon opening, dried sea moss can last for one year if stored in a cool, dry place. To make sure that the dry moss in the package lasts as long as possible, take out only the amount that you need. When removing your estimated serving, try not to touch the rest of the sea moss with your bare hands.

Signs of sea moss gel spoilage

The shelf life of sea moss gel depends on your consumption habits. The best way to extend its life is to keep it refrigerated at all times. Use clean utensils when you take out a serving. If you double-dip or use your fingers to take out the gel from its container, its shelf life will surely be cut short. Remember that sea moss gel is an all-natural product, so it doesn’t contain any preservatives protecting it against bacterial decay and degradation.

Some signs of spoiled sea moss gel include:

Mold – Spots of mold can appear within one month of the manufacturing date. Watch out for gray or dark green spots.

Color change – Fresh sea moss gel is light-colored. If it becomes noticeably darker, it may be beyond its approved consumption date.

Smell – Spoiled sea moss smells pungent and odd. If there is a significant change in how it smells, it’s time to throw it out.


Sea moss contains over 92 vitamins and minerals the body requires to maintain overall health. There are many ways to use sea moss, so you can easily consume your purchase within the allotted period. Make sure to buy sea moss products from reputable manufacturers and distributors so you can reap its many health benefits.

If you are looking for the best sea moss to buy, Plant Based Jeff is here for you. We are the #1 trusted source for sea moss in the US. All our products are made within two weeks of harvesting, and we ship our gel with commercial-grade temperature control protocols to ensure longer shelf life. Check out our store today! 

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