The Real Deal On Sea Moss: Wildcrafted or Ocean Farmed

Plant-based products have been popping everywhere since there is a steady increase of people who are starting to become more conscious about their lifestyle. The greener diet proves to be more than just a fad since it offers plenty of health-boosting benefits, one of which includes improving gut health. 

This allows the body to absorb nutrients better, which does wonders for strengthening your immune system in turn. Besides that, fiber can lower your cholesterol levels, manage your blood sugar, and is fantastic for bowel movement. 

What’s a Plant-Based Product Worth Adding to Your Diet? 

One of the plant-based products people swear by is sea moss. Sea moss is a natural secret weapon rich in natural minerals, high in antioxidants, and iron, making it an all-around booster for the immune system plus a weight loss aid to boot. Because of this, consumers are adding this mighty ingredient to their daily plant-based diet. 

Sea moss is known to have over 90 percent of the nutrients our body needs. For example, if you have iron deficiency, sea moss is a great supplement to help deal with this issue. Besides that, sea moss also promotes healthy weight loss, strengthens your immune system, builds muscles, and so many more. 

If you're on the hunt for the best sea moss to buy, you may stumble upon wildcrafted or ocean farmed sea moss — what's the difference? This article will break down the difference between sea moss processed and farmed in different spaces and which one you should get. Let's take a look!

Wildcrafted Sea Moss: Absorbs Nutrients from the Environment

When you grow sea moss in the wild, they become one of the healthiest types of sea moss as it yields the most nutritional benefits. Depending on where they're grown in, their interaction and the ocean's properties play a significant part in its development. 

The factors that affect wildcrafted sea moss are air, sunshine, salt, the nutrients found in the water, and its movements. 

Ocean Farmed Sea Moss: Eco Friendly and Sustainable Harvesting

Ocean farmed sea moss is up for debate for some in the health community. The reason farmers grow sea moss in sea farms is because it protects the eco system of the ocean. If all divers took all of the available sea moss it would damage the eco system. By farming this is ethically protecting the ocean and allowing a balance in nature.

Ocean farming also protects divers as it reduces the amount of time they have to go dive to get sea moss. Instead of daily diving this can be reduced to once or twice a month.

Bonus: What is Pool-Grown Sea Moss?

Another variety of sea moss needs to be mentioned as people refer to it as "fake" sea moss. Most sea moss farmers produce and grow and harvest sea moss in the ocean, but some farmers try to replicate the properties of the ocean in pools to produce pool-grown sea moss. 

Sea moss that is grown in pools develops quickly and contains more mucilage than naturally grown sea moss. Because of that, it changes the composition of the sea moss, which impacts its nutrient content. With that being said, it has fewer nutritional benefits — so if you're looking for the best sea moss to buy, this might not be it!

The Bottom Line: Wildcrafted Sea Moss Should Be Your Go-To Variety

It may be confusing to understand at first because, on the surface, all three varieties seem incredibly similar and the end product looks very much the same. But if you're looking for the best sea moss to buy, you should reach for wildcrafted sea moss. Ocean farmed is still considered wildcrafted by most as it never leaves the ocean during the growing process and n o chemicals are added

Wildcrafted sea moss /  ocean farmed is grown naturally and in an eco-friendly way, bypassing human intervention. This way, you get most of its nutritional content, and you don't alter its genetic makeup, giving you fantastic benefits that your body will love. 

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