5 Ways Plant-Based Diets Help Improve Nervous System Health

Plant-based diets focus on getting nourishment from plants. In an article from Harvard Health Publishing, switching to plant-based diets doesn’t necessarily mean going vegan or vegetarian. It simply means proportionately choosing more meals from plant sources.

However, aside from improving people’s overall health, a study also found that plant-based diets may slow down heart failure and lower the risk of cognitive decline and dementia. But how does it help improve nervous system health? Here are some ideas.

1. Improves Emotional States

Many people out there believe that meat is the best source of protein. It may be valid to some extent when it comes to protein, but it should not be ignored that plant-based foods are the best source of healthy fats, nutrients, and minerals. These substances can help calm down the nervous system and alleviate feelings of anger, depression, and other emotional issues.

A study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found that diet can significantly impact feelings. Participants were given either a vegan or an omnivorous diet for three weeks in the study. The results showed that the vegan group felt calmer and had lower levels of depression and anxiety.

2. Promotes Longer Lifetimes

Eating a plant-based diet is better for emotional health, but it can also help you live longer. A study from Loma Linda University in California showed that people who have a healthier diet have fewer deaths from all causes.

The participants were given a score for different healthy habits that included eating fruits and vegetables, being physically active, and maintaining a healthy weight. Those who scored higher in healthy habits had a death rate that was 50 percent lower than those who scored lower.

3. Increases Immunity

When it comes to feeling better, not just emotionally but also physically, a plant-based diet may be just what you need. The vitamins, minerals, and nutrients found in plant-based foods can boost immunity, providing the body with the necessary nutrients to fight off sickness.

The best part is that they taste good and are easy to prepare. For example, adding vitamin C and zinc-rich foods can help boost the immune system. Foods like strawberries, bell peppers, and cauliflower are excellent sources of vitamin C. Foods rich in zinc include pumpkin seeds, oysters, and lamb.

4. Lessens the Risk of Developing Dementia

People who are not eating plant-based foods have high levels of mercury and other heavy metals in their bodies. When accumulated in the body in high concentrations, these metals can damage nerves. Therefore, it is essential to limit your intake of mercury-containing foods.

A study has shown that eating high in mercury fish can increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. The study involved over 20,000 people who were given a questionnaire asking about their fish intake. Results showed that fish such as swordfish, tuna, mackerel, and sea bass have high levels of mercury.

5. Reduces Susceptibility to Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress can damage cells and is a significant cause of disease. Research has shown that eating foods rich in antioxidants, such as berries and other colorful fruits and vegetables can help reduce allergic and inflammatory responses.

The main reason for this is that antioxidants provide the body with the substances needed to protect cells against oxidation. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals and is a good indicator of oxidative stress.


There are many reasons why a plant-based diet is a way to go if you want to improve your health. It doesn’t mean that you have to go vegan or vegetarian to reap the benefits of eating a plant-based diet. However, it may be better to increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. This way, you can improve your health and have more energy to do more things.

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