How to Tell Whether Your Sea Moss Gel Is Real or Not

Finding authentic sea moss online can be difficult. Sea moss is collected from deep in the ocean or from rocks. However, there are a few guidelines that can help you to identify authentic, high-quality sea moss.

What Are the Signs of Real Sea Moss?

Sea moss will have a sea like odor. This odor is similar to fish or seaweed, although not quite as strong. It may not benot authentic sea moss if it does not have this sea like odor. The sea moss gel will be light or white. Dark or yellowish sea moss gel could contain bladderwrack. Color can vary based on what’s added to the gel.. The sea moss will also feel slimy or sometimes like a thick jello. Authentic sea moss will usually only be found in health stores or online. 

What Are the Signs of “Fake” Sea Moss?

“Fake” sea moss is usually sold to people who do not know what they are looking for and is actually just lower quality . High-quality sea moss is sold at a higher price in some cases. Cut corners are sometimes found in fake sea moss since people will not detect the difference. 

Low quality sea moss usually has a foul odor, damp and has excessive amounts of salt. It also is usually not in a branded package or not advertised well.

How Long Does Sea Moss Gel Last?

Although some gels brag about their long shelf life, this is often due to the addition of chemicals to preserve the product. We highly recommend choosing a gel made from sea moss that has not been grown in pools and combined with chemicals because you know exactly what’s in it! Also, avoid gels that claim to use sea moss-grown in pools or combined with any other chemicals. Although this may seem like a better option, seeking a more natural and organic alternative is more beneficial.We liketo use natural citric acid such as lemons and limes. 

How to Make Sea Moss Gel Last Longer

If you decide to use sea moss gel, it is good to keep it refrigerated. Although keeping the sea moss gel in the fridge may not extend its shelf life, it will prevent spoilage and mold. 


Real sea moss gel is hard to find, not to mention expensive. Many people do not know what to look for when searching for that perfect item. Remember to look for an odor similar to fish and gold/purple  color. Sliminess and viscosity are also good signs that you have found real sea moss.

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