6 Tips to Extend the Shelf Life of Sea Moss Gel

People all over the world have been glorifying just how good sea moss gel is in terms of keeping them healthy. With how much health-promoting benefits you can get from it, it's no wonder that people are buying more of this miracle food than ever before.

For frugal shoppers, it’s essential to know how to get the most use out of your sea moss gel and use up every bit of it. Below, we’ve broken down some ways to keep your sea moss gel fresh, and ensure it lasts for longer.

How Long Does Sea Moss Gel Last?

Sea moss gel is definitely a food product and follows the same expiration rules as food. Your sea moss will last anywhere from a few months to several years, but the quality of the sea moss will deteriorate over time.

Tips to Keep Sea Moss Gel Fresh

Like any food product, you're looking to keep your sea moss as fresh as possible. Now, sea moss gel’s shelf life is heavily dependent on how well you store it, so here are some tips to keep it fresh for an extended period of time.

1. Place it in a Cool Place, but Don't Freeze it

Your sea moss gel can be kept in a cool place, but if you want to make sure that your sea moss gel stays nutritious, don't freeze it. Freezing will cause the sea moss gel to lose its nutrients and become slushy and, in turn, less effective.

You can keep your sea moss gel in the back of the fridge but avoid the door. The door is generally the warmest part of the fridge, and for it to keep its nutrient content, you can't keep it in there.

2. Use an Air-Tight Container

The easiest way to keep your sea moss gel fresh is to use an airtight container. Not only will it keep it contained, but it will also prevent it from soaking up other smells and flavors.

The container should be made of a material that does not allow for any outside scents to seep into the sea moss. Also, make sure the container is sealed properly. The airtight container will ensure that no excess oxygen is introduced to the sea moss gel.

3. Store it Out of the Sun

The bright sunlight will rapidly deteriorate your sea moss gel's quality, so it is best to keep it out of the sunlight. This way, it will last you much longer. Plus, if you store your sea moss gel in a cool, dark place, it will be much easier to spot if something is wrong with it.

4. Keep it Away from Metal

Sea moss gel is an acidic food, and if you leave it in metal containers or metal bowls, the metal will deteriorate your sea moss. You'll be able to tell if this has happened if your sea moss gel has gone a green or gray color or if you notice a funny taste.

5. Don't Overdo it with Additives

Sea moss gel is amazingly healthy on its own, so you don't need to add anything to it unless you have a condition that needs to be treated. If you start mixing things into your sea moss gel, make sure you use it within a month or two, as the additives can cause the sea moss gel to go bad.

6. Avoid Heat

Heat can kill off the nutritional value of your sea moss gel. Any form of heat can also change the texture of the sea moss gel and make it lose its ability to gel.

The most efficient and effective way to keep your sea moss gel as fresh as possible is to use it within a few months. If you need to store it for a long time, keeping it in the refrigerator is better than in the freezer.


With all of these tips, you should find that you never have to throw out sea moss gel. You'll be able to reap all of the benefits it has to offer and use it to the fullest. Sea moss gel is extremely versatile and can be used to help a wide range of conditions and ailments.

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