I want to teach you the proper way on how to naturally transition completely or partially to a plant-based lifestyle that allowed me to lose over 65 pounds in less than 6 months, get rid of all my medications, and have tons of energy and clarity. Get the a proven system versus spending hours searching online and save 80% when you purchase Going Plant-Based! A Step by Step Beginners Guide Course today.


Testimonials.....Real People.....Real Results

I have been on YouTube and other websites for years trying to crack the code to transition to this lifestyle and finally got it all in 1 affordable course!
-Jennifer K.

I didn’t go all the way plant-based but I have cut meat to only twice a week and have lost over 30 pounds in less than 2 months!
-Thomas B.

I followed everything in Going Plant-Based and I was able to naturally get off my high blood pressure pills and lose 20 pounds in 1 month!
-Richard C. 

II was depressed, out of shape, and on antidepressants. I learned from this course the right food to eat and have naturally lost over 25lbs allowing me to get off my antidepressants and now living my best life!
-Antonio F.

A Plant-Based lifestyle consists mostly or entirely of foods derived from plants, including vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruits, with little to no animal products.

Obesity & diseases are at an all time high! I personally know young people in their 30’s and 40’s who have died, diagnosed with diabetes, diagnosed with high blood pressure, having heart attacks, and lack self confidence because of their weight.

So if you are looking to naturally lose that weight, regain your health, and switch to a plant-based lifestyle completely or partially my Going Plant Based! A Step by Step Beginners Guide Course is what you need to get started!

Switching to a Plant-Based diet is for you if:

✔️You are overweight and the pounds seem impossible to come off
✔️You want to come off medications that were prescribed for the rest of your life
✔️You have an illness that you want to lessen the symptoms or reverse
✔️You want more energy and clarity without having to depend on coffee, teas, or energy drinks
✔️You want to make the transition NATURALLY without expensive pills and diets
✔️You no longer want to be ashamed to see yourself naked and restore your self confidence 

With This Course You’ll Learn:

✔️How to condition your mind for this journey
✔️How to NATURALLY detox your body to prepare for the plant-based lifestyle
✔️The proper NATURAL foods and herbs to consume that can heal you and allow you to lose weight fast!
✔️Where to shop to get the best foods for this lifestyle
✔️Foods to avoid!
✔️What restaurants to go to if you need to eat out
✔️What are the best all NATURAL products to use
✔️What to consume during your detox and afterwards (First 60 days)

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Meet Your Instructor:

Jeffrey Austin, MBA also known as Plant Based Jeff has helped dozens of individuals lose weight and reverse illnesses by switching to a plant-based lifestyle completely or partially. He was getting so overwhelmed with coaching/consulting requests he had to create a course to help more people.

Plant Based Jeff decided to go plant based a few years ago when he weighed more than 230 pounds, was on 8 different medications and plagued with various illnesses. After spending thousands of dollars on health coaches, attending health workshops, and countless hours on trial and error, he was able to finally crack the code on the right foods and herbs to consume to receive the fastest and best results.


A Step by Step Beginners Guide Course today.


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