Superfood 101: What You Need to Know about Sea Moss

Recently, people have become more conscious about their food. This awareness led to the rise of organic foods and other exotic superfoods, such as sea moss. The latter has become quite popular.

There might be few adverse effects of sea moss. It is prudent to know more about this superfood before searching for sea moss for sale.  If so, pay close attention to this blog.

What Is Sea Moss?

One of the most popular superfoods that many people are now trying is sea moss. It is a type of seaweed and contains numerous nutrients that the body needs. It is sold in various stores as sea moss capsules.

Its popularity led suppliers to cultivate pool-grown sea moss. The bigger question is whether this pool-grown sea moss is as good as those from the ocean. Unfortunately, it does not because suppliers cannot replicate the ocean environment needed for this seaweed to flourish.

Try as they might, sea moss pool farmers cannot imitate the warmth of the sun or the salinity of the ocean. One of the reasons why the pool-grown sea moss is not as rich in nutrients is because pool water has fewer nutrients.  

What Is Wildcrafted Sea Moss?

If you want the best sea moss, it is a must to get the wildcrafted variety. The sea moss comes from the ocean and is rich in nutrients. Once you are searching for sea moss capsules, look for the wildcrafted ones.

People should take advantage of the wildcrafted sea moss because it is the sea moss with more nutrients. One of the best things about this is that it is free of toxins, unlike pool-grown sea moss. With this in mind, you can easily see why the latter is not as popular as the wildcrafted sea moss.

Benefits of Wildcrafted Sea Moss

There are many benefits of wildcrafted sea moss. First of all, it relieves the symptoms of various medical concerns. Of all the benefits, the most commonly discussed is its anti-aging effects, making it one of the favorite ingredients in skincare products.

Pool-grown Sea moss has a salty taste. On the other hand, wildcrafted sea moss does not have much of any taste or odor. This attribute makes the latter easier to consume.

As a natural food supplement, sea moss can be used in cooking. You can use it for cooking soups, stews, and salads. It is a plant based chef’s secret to mix sea moss with other ingredients to be hidden.

Considering that sea moss farmers are trying to replicate the ocean, they could be adding chemicals to the water. It results in the pool-grown sea moss having a chemical smell.  

Toxins, such as chlorinated compounds, are added to the pool-grown sea moss. The sea moss pills you can buy at the store contain these toxins.


One of the reasons pool-grown sea moss is not as popular as the wildcrafted variety is its adverse effects. Wildcrafted sea moss will never have any negative impact on your health. Also, you can use it as an ingredient in various cooking recipes. The latter will result in a healthy way of eating. 

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of sea moss capsules, you do not have to look far because you can rely on Plant Based Jeff. We guarantee the quality of our products because we know our suppliers. So do not hesitate to add this superfood to your cart now!

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