Different Ways to Use Sea Moss to Improve Your Wellness

Natural wellness has become a buzzword for health enthusiasts. Typically free from harsh chemicals and more gentle on the body, natural wellness ingredients are having a moment. Currently, one of the more prominent examples of these is sea moss.

Also called Irish moss, sea moss benefits include soothing skin conditions, minimizing signs of aging, boosting moisturization, and supplementing nutritional needs. Today, there are many sea moss products available for use. If you’re new to sea moss and would like to know how to add it into your lifestyle, here are some easy ways to do so:

As a Moisturizer

Since sea moss gel is quite thick, it can be used as a moisturizer on its own. To use this product, simply apply an even layer onto clean skin. 

If you want to maximize the sea moss benefits, though, you could also add the gel into your favorite moisturizer. This way, your daily moisturizer will now impart the healing properties of sea moss. 

If you’re going out during the day, you could also add sea moss gel with your sunscreen. Doing so will provide your skin with hydration as you’re exposed to UV rays. Look for our sea moss skin care line coming soon.

As a Facial Mask

Homemade face masks are a really great way to pamper yourself. With a boost of sea moss, your face masks can be extra nourishing. You can make things easier by using the sea moss gel as a mask base into which you can add other ingredients. 

Depending on your skin concerns, you can tweak the mask to be more hydrating, more softening, or more antibacterial. Some of the best natural ingredients you can mix with sea moss gel include honey, avocado, and aloe vera. 

As a Drink

One of the easiest ways to ingest sea moss is by adding it to drinks. Admittedly, sea moss can have an acquired taste. Hence, it’s advisable to blend sea moss into your flavored drinks. If you’re into smoothies or shakes, adding sea moss gel can also supply some more health benefits to your drink. 

Since you’ll be directly ingesting it, you can expect that sea moss health benefits can be more potent, too. This means you can really optimize the calcium, protein, and iodine naturally found in sea moss. 

As a Topping

Alternatively, you can also add dried sea moss to your food. In stews and soups, sea moss can even act as a thickener. This is a great way to add a hearty and healthy touch to your dishes. 

If you’re looking for a way to add a bit more nutrition and depth of flavor to bland food like bread or rice, sea moss can also add personality when used as a topping. If you want a smoother texture, though, you can also add sea moss gel into these same dishes as a nutritious binder. Nutritionists note that sea moss, when ingested, is great for gut health and thyroid function.


Sea moss is a superfood that you can enjoy in many different ways. A versatile ingredient that’s perfect for any lifestyle, sea moss is the perfect addition for those looking to improve their wellness inside and out. 

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