The Real Deal About Sea Moss: What Nutritionists Are Saying

We're no strangers to different food trends and diets, especially now that people are more conscious about what they consume. With that, there's a superfood that's been stealing the spotlight in more ways than one, and that's sea moss. 

As sea moss becomes more popular in the food and health industry, more recipes and content have been floating around the web educating people about its benefits. But what really matters is what the health experts think — what are they saying about sea moss, and does it offer health benefits?

If you're curious about this superfood and you're thinking of buying sea moss to incorporate into your diet, we've compiled a list of facts nutritionists are saying about sea moss. Let's dive into it!

Fact #1: Prevents Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects the elderly, and sadly, no cure could handle this condition. Essentially, this disorder affects a person's motor skills and movement, causing tremors and stiffness and slowing down movement. 

Fortunately, research has shown that sea moss can help slow down the progression of Parkinson's disease as it decreases the accumulation of an a-synuclein and reduces stiffness and slowness of movement. Although more scientific research is required, this is a significant first step in managing Parkinson's symptoms.

Fact #2: Promote Digestive Health

Sea moss is known to have prebiotic properties that help increase the production of short-chain fatty acids in our colon. This helps eliminate harmful bacteria in our gut, which ultimately improves our overall immunity and gut health. 

As digestion is an integral part of our overall health, our body requires certain nutrients that will help our body function and remain healthy. With that, sea moss can help improve our gut's ecosystem by providing essential nutrients that can help improve our immune, digestive, and gut health. 

Fact #3: Limits Cardiovascular Disease

Many are susceptible to cardiovascular disease, and like what is often said — prevention is the best cure. So to prevent cardiovascular issues, it starts with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and that means incorporating essential ingredients in your diet. 

Studies have shown that sea moss has a positive effect on our cardiovascular health as it could help prevent risks and symptoms from developing. Adding some dried sea moss to your meals are tiny steps you could take to help improve your health. 

Fact #4: Boosts Your Immune System

If sea moss can help prevent serious health conditions like cardiovascular issues, it's no surprise that it can help bolster up your immune system. Dried sea moss can help relieve and prevent flu and the cold, as it is a great source of potassium chloride that helps dissolve inflammation and phlegm in your mucous membranes. 

Besides that, sea moss also acts as a natural antimicrobial and antiviral agent that boosts your immunity that helps combat infections and illnesses. So when it comes to dealing with respiratory illnesses, such as bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, cough, and sore throat, consider adding sea moss in your meals for more immune support.

The Bottom Line: Sea Moss is a Superfood You Should Keep An Eye On

Although more scientific research is required to understand all the benefits sea moss can offer, these initial findings are pretty promising and are a good enough reason to incorporate this superfood in your diet. Now that you know that sea moss is nutritionist-approved, it's time to sprinkle this superfood into your meals!

Where Can I Find High-Quality Sea Moss?

There's a lot of talk about the benefits of sea moss, and truthfully, we're all here for it! 

With all the benefits that sea moss offers, it only makes sense to start adding this to your diet and start reaping its benefits. If you're ready to add high quality sea moss into your diet, check out our products today!

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