Natural Methods to Get Back in Shape After the Holidays

A new year means new beginnings and new resolutions, especially regarding diet! It’s that time where we all become conscious again about what we eat and exercises that’ll bring us back to our pre-holiday fitness levels. 

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no need to subject yourself to a restrictive diet or intense physical routine the moment your calendar reads January 1. After the holidays, your body will naturally get back in shape when you follow these natural detox methods!

Slowly Introduce Healthy Food in Your Diet

Crash dieting can negatively affect your overall health by depriving necessary nutrients to your body and dropping energy levels. This happens because you’re subjecting your body to immediate stress without any preparation.

It is much better to slowly wean yourself off the rich-tasting, unhealthy stuff and replace them with healthier alternatives. Start by altering one meal a day to something with fewer empty calories, like breakfast. Instead of a sandwich smothered in cheese and meat, replace the cheese with some greens like lettuce or dried sea moss.

If you like that particular vegetable, you can keep using that as a substitute for lunch and dinner, so you build a good habit, and meal preps are much easier to do. Be sure to look for the best sea moss to buy from a legit provider, so you avoid sudden tummy problems that derail you from your fitness routine.

Make slow replacements every week, so your body gets used to the change over time and isn’t stressed by the sudden lack of nutrients. This steady transition also protects you from temptation and binging on all the unhealthy stuff due to deprivation.


Wean yourself from wine, beer, and fizzy drinks and return to good old-fashioned H2O! It’s the healthiest out of all the beverages because it essentially contains zero calories and GMOs. Water aids digestion, releases waste from your body, clears up skin, and increases energy! 

Remember that the recommended amount of water per individual is a minimum of eight glasses a day. If it’s notably hotter in your state or country, you can drink up to 12 to stay cool.

Take Small Steps

Much like dieting, exercise needs to be reintroduced slowly, especially if you stopped working out the entire December. Gradually build momentum by literally taking small steps. Go for a walk, not a run. A study shows that walking for just 30 minutes a day improves sleep quality, mental acuity, and immune resistance.

Continue doing this for around a month before you return to your regular workout routine or graduate to something more intense like HIIT or weightlifting. We highlight only walking because it’s a doable, full-body exercise that also tones your body’s muscles. All you need are a pair of shoes. Think of it as a warm-up before even more physically strenuous activities.

In Closing

Want to get back in shape? Take your time. Let your body detox naturally with water, a good diet, low-intensity exercise, and healthy desserts. Look for healthier alternatives to the foods you prefer and consistently follow through with your resolutions. You’ll look slim, trim, and fit in no time!

If you’re interested in getting back in shape, try out the 7 day sea moss detox at Plant Based Jeff today! I’m the top sea moss provider and plant-based transition coach who can help you achieve the post-holiday body you’ve always wanted. Check out our free meal guide here!

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