7 Fascinating Facts You Should Know about Sea Moss

Sea moss is a type of algae that has risen in popularity as a superfood. Because of its health benefits, more and more people are adding sea moss to their diets. However, a lot of people do not know much about sea moss.

If you’re curious about this superfood, here are some fascinating facts you’d love to know about sea moss.

1. Sea Moss Is Not a Plant

People often get confused between sea moss and seaweed. To clear the confusion, let’s consider the definitions. Sea moss is not a plant. It is a macroalga that has a similar appearance to plants. It has no roots or stems, but it has a similar appearance to it.

2. Sea Moss Colors Depend on the Water They Are In

Like plants, sea moss has different colors depending on the water. For example, the sea moss that we can see in the Irish sea is golden-brown, while the ones in the Atlantic Ocean are green. The sea moss that grows in freshwater is pink.

It is also said that sea moss growing in shallow waters has more anti-oxidants than those found in deeper waters. This means that anti-oxidants also influence the color of the sea moss.

3. Sea Moss Contains Algin

Algin is a polymer that is generally extracted from brown algae or kelp. Algin is used to make different types of gels and jelling agents, such as those used in cosmetics and other food products.

Algin has a negative charge, which can bind to positive ions. Because of this, algin is considered a slimming food. It can also prevent heartburn, stomach aches, and bladder infections.

4. Sea Moss Is a Good Source of Calcium

Calcium is one of the essential minerals our body needs. However, it is a rare mineral, and most of us cannot get enough of it. That’s why sea moss is a good source of calcium. A cup of sea moss contains about 124 milligrams of calcium.

5. Ancient Greeks Used to Bathe in Sea Moss

According to studies, sea moss can improve your skin condition. This is why ancient Greeks used to bathe in sea moss to improve their skin condition. Many companies even use sea moss to make different types of face masks.

6. Sea Moss Has over 12,000 Different Species

When you think about sea moss, you probably think about red sea moss that grows in the Pacific Ocean. However, there are actually more than 12,000 different species of sea moss in the world.

These species differ according to their color, taste, smell, and place of growth. Most of them are found on rocks, such as red sea moss, but some are also found on the ocean floor.

7. When Fried, Sea Moss Tastes like Bacon

There is a long list of sea moss health benefits, but it is odorless and tasteless. That’s why it’s usually used as a food supplement. However, you can still cook sea moss and eat it. According to researchers from Oregon State University, sea moss tastes like bacon when fried. It is also crunchy and has a smokey flavor.

Final Thoughts

Sea moss is a type of macroalgae with many health benefits. It can be cooked and eaten in different ways. If you want to try sea moss but are not sure about its taste, you can cook it and eat it or add it to your daily diet through a food supplement.

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